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Emilie Harmonie
Emilie Harmonie Jan 20, 2014

Clicks Haul !

Hi everyone !   So I decided to do a quick haul for you guys.  I went to Clicks yesterday, it is a store/pharmacy in South Africa…
Emilie Harmonie
Emilie Harmonie Jun 28, 2013

Would You Ever: I Tried A Pole Dancing Fitness Class!

Ok… So if you follow me on Twitter you would know that I went to a pole dancing / pole fitness class last night with…

Kollada adorable phone cases!

If you like bling then you WILL like Kollada !!! I especially like their phone cases but they also do ipads,laptops,heels and so on…
Emilie Harmonie
Emilie Harmonie Nov 12, 2012

Photo Buzz : The kiss that everybody was talking about in France.

On the 23rd of October, there were protests and demonstrations in 75 towns in France against Gay rights of marriage and adoption.Gerard Julien, a French…
Emilie Harmonie
Emilie Harmonie Nov 08, 2012
Emilie Harmonie
Emilie Harmonie Nov 07, 2012
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I'm Emilie, born in Paris, now living in the beautiful Cape Town.!
What I love : Life, fashion, traveling, art in all its forms,books,music and so on...
Enjoy ;)

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